Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Find your center! One-day only workshops in personal psychology

The Center for Lifelong Learning promotes healing…inside and out. Discover new paths to self-awareness, on the weekend!

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Regroup and enhance your life skills after the long work week. Choose from these upcoming one-day only Saturday workshops designed to guide you to your Center –

Work on your communication skills in –

Saturday, Sep. 28
Compassionate Communication teaches students communication skills to strengthen connections with friends, family, children, and people at work while reducing conflict. Learn to speak from the heart to address feelings and needs; ask for what you want without fear, guilt or shame; and transform potential conflicts into compassionate dialogues.

Saturday, Oct. 26
How to Enjoy Anger
explores what happens when we’re angry. Learn how to change this pattern and ask for what you want.

Brush stress off your shoulders with –

Saturday, Oct. 5
Serenity in the Fast Lane: Disappearing Stress learn why stress is unhealthy and how you can learn to relax even when you think they are too busy to do so. Learn how stress-reducing techniques will enhance and extend your life and sense of peace.

Saturday, Oct. 26
Focusing: A Mindful Approach to Wellness introduces 'Mindfulness' as a means of focusing your attention on what you are experiencing in the moment. ‘Focusing’ enables you to access your deeper feelings, explore how your body connects experiences of your daily life, and achieve insights that help in resolving difficulties and problems. Discover how Focusing tools calm the mind and fine tune the body, mind, emotional and spiritual connection.

Transform relationships with objects in –

Saturday, Oct. 12
Finding Buried Treasure: Overcoming Your Clutter explores the environmental and psychological factors that lead to clutter and hoarding. Clutter significantly affects our quality of life, and in this age of information, the amount of clutter has dramatically increased.  Learn to recognize the difference between clutter, compulsive hoarding and collections and how to overcome the negative impacts of having too much stuff.

Saturday, Oct. 19
Attracting Abundance teaches strategies to transform your relationship with money. Identify how barriers to financial success are often formed in childhood when money is used to express desires, power, love, envy, anger or revenge in the family. Then unravel the psychological threads that entangle you and learn to eliminate the self-destructive patterns that hold you back.

Explore yourself in –

Saturday, Sep. 28
Living the Paradox of Enlightenment will explore two aspects of enlightenment: recognizing the true self as pure awareness, the Divine Awareness; and the ability to flow in harmony with all that life brings forth. Enlightenment is the art of acceptance, which can lead to personal peace. Consider the idea that you shape your life by choosing your core beliefs!

Saturday, Dec. 7
Health, Psychological and Spiritual, and the 'Enneagram' explores the unconscious, which is the part of us that makes things happen in our lives, and it contains both psychological and spiritual aspects. Identify your own basic conflicts, understand how to resolve them in Enneagram terms, and trust your own unconscious guidance. Learn when to act and when to let go!

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In addition to these healing workshops, you may be interested in other upcoming classes and special workshops such as:  Conflict Recognition, Consciousness, and Self-Esteem: Seek it and Keep it.

You can still choose from over 200 classes and workshops starting throughout the fall term. Stretch your mind and body and try something new in Arts, Crafts, Performance; Body, Mind, Spirit; Business, Finance, Work; Events, Film, Words; and Home, Nature, Technical.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Goes "Squish, Splatter & Roll?? Discover CLL Parenting Classes, Weekday Mornings!

Now that we have your attention... CLL's popular parenting education classes are a favorite way for parents and children age 6 months to 5 years to spend fun, safe and healthy time together on weekday mornings!

Do you know a parent looking for new options for weekday mornings to spend fun, safe and healthy time together with their child? Please share this info & flyer and help them discover this wonderful resource!
Come learn positive parenting attitudes and how to create your healthy parent-child relationship in a safe and stimulating environment with age appropriate activities for infants and children age 6 months to 5 years at SBCC’s new Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL). Parents and caregivers with children learn about typical stages of development through observation, participation with other families and discussion
If you’re curious about which class to take, consider your child’s age and interests. Classes available at CLL include:

Ages 6-18 months: Music Times explores the power of rhythm, melody, tonality and beat together. Toddler Times teaches through song, as well as with puppets and books. Babies will expand their language skills in a joyful and stimulating environment.

“I am centered on working with families and coaching parents to work with their kids,” said Michelle Walsh, teacher of the Baby Sign Workshop and Infant Times II classes. Walsh is fluent in American Sign Language, and brings the joys of communicating with your baby using signs that communicate basic needs like “more,” “please” and “all-done.”

Ages 18 – 30 months: Consider Growing Times, and directly participate weekly with other parents to learn about your toddler’s stages of development. Expand your musical knowledge with Music Times III, and play with a wide variety of instruments.

Ages 2-5 years old: Growing Times II and III offer an artistic and hand-on approach or Squish, Splatter and Roll provides creative expression through art materials and sensory experience. Venture outside together into the beauty of Santa Barbara’s parks in Parents and Children in Parks.

“I love working with parents,” said Susan Lang, teacher of Parents and Children in Parks. Each week, families will visit a different park in Santa Barbara where she observes, “parents befriending one another, as their children are doing just steps away.”

In addition to these Parenting Education classes, parents may be interested in other classes and special workshops such as: Childbirth Yoga – Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Postpartum and Healthy Foods for Children.

CLL offers selected parenting classes for Spanish speakers, and more than 500 classes in: Arts, Crafts, Performance; Body, Mind, Spirit; Business, Finance, Work; Events, Film, Words; and Home, Nature, Technical.

Registration  now for classes starting and ending throuhgout the Fall term!