Friday, July 10, 2015

Don’t miss these Saturday Psychology Workshops

Spend a summer Saturday exploring the latest psychology and spirituality trends from local experts at the CLL.

These one-day workshops are designed to help you be your best self, or discover ways to be a supportive friend or family member; these are classes you won’t want to miss!

Neuroscience Plus Ancient Wisdom - A Catalyst for Deeper Spiritual Practice
with David Cumes, M.D
Saturday, July 18th
10 a.m.-12 Noon

Explore how this potent combination empowers you to deal with guilt, shame, bad habits, forgiveness and pain. Discover how neuroscience plus ancient wisdom is a catalyst that will empower you to connect with gratitude, joy, meaning and equanimity. Class Cost: $16

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Self Esteem - Achieving Compassionate Accountability
with Wendy Allen
Saturday, July 25th
9 a.m.-12 Noon

Develop invaluable skills including mindfulness, building compassionate accountability, accepting our imperfections, letting ourselves be deeply seen, and - in the depth of our vulnerabilities - believing that we're enough. Class Cost: $24

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From Heartache to Hope – Your Family and Addiction
with Carole Bennet
Saturday, July 25th
9 a.m.-1 p.m.

One out of every three people has to deal with the substance abuse issues of a loved one. This course will gently help guide family members who wish to become healthy participants in their loved ones' addiction, relapse or recovery. Class Cost: $32

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Meet CLL Psychology and Spirituality teacher, David Cumes with the CLL’s video: “Meet Our Teachers: David Cumes

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This Saturday, Explore the World of Voice Over in One-Day Acting Workshop

Discover your Voice at the CLL

Have you ever been told that your voice is perfect for radio, television or movies yet had no idea what to do next? Here’s your chance!

This brand-new, one-day performing arts workshop is taught by award-winning voice over professional, David Lawrence.

with David Lawrence
Saturday, July 11th
9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Develop greater confidence in your voice acting abilities that will help you sound your best in the vocal booth, or even in every day conversation. Students will learn performance tips and techniques, how to create a demo, and even how to get a talent agent.

This one-day workshop will fill fast. Register here to save your space!

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Meet CLL Performing Arts teacher, David Lawrence with the CLL’s video: “Meet OurTeachers: David Lawrence.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Ready, Set, Grill: new summer cooking classes at the CLL

With the 4th of July, Fiesta and Labor Day just around the corner, we know you’re thinking picnics and BBQ - but who wants to spend hours preparing?

Come learn the secrets that will wow your family and guests - from our expert teachers, each a professional chef!

The CLL has the “hottest” (and coolest!) cooking classes around, and lots more classes for every schedule. Sign up for evening, weekday, or weekend classes and workshops starting throughout the term. Come and get cookin’ at the CLL!

Single-session classes fill fast. Register today!
fresh strawberries photo

NEW! Fresh!Main Meal Summer Salads

With Chef Suzanne (Landry) Lemagie
Tuesday, July 7th
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Main meal salads by themselves are a complete delicious meal when they contain with plenty of protein and the nutty fiber of whole grains. Vegans and meat lovers alike will love these salads that are filling and delicious. Discover the wholesome freshness of whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and low in low in saturated fat and calories! Class Cost $37, Materials $10

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NEW EVENING CLASS! Two Tuesdays.Trader Joe’s Picnic and BBQ Dishes

With Chef Suzanne (Landry) Lemagie
Tuesdays, July 21st & 28th
6:00-9:00 PM
With some help from Trader Joe’s, come discover all the delicious prepared and easy to prepare options to make your next BBQ a hit! From casual to elegant you will have the solutions your guests will love and still have time to enjoy the outing yourself. Class Cost $62, Materials $24
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THREE GREAT GRILLING CLASSES: Sign up for one or for all 3.Grilling the Argentine Way

With Chef Carlos (Rodrigo) Gimenez
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Saturday July 25th (This class will feature beef)
  • Saturday August 1st (This class will feature fish and chicken) 
  • Saturday August 8th (This class will feature lamb and pork)
Learn why Argentines are famous for their BBQ by tasting and re-creating it firsthand. Impress your friends at your next backyard BBQ by grilling like a Gaucho. Cook a traditional Argentine 'Asado' (BBQ) beginning with the basics of meat selection, preparation and seasoning, building of the fire and grill set-up, to the finishing touches of classic chimichurri sauce and grilled side dishes. FOR EACH CLASS DATE: Class Cost $35, Materials $14
Classes fill fast, Register Now!

TWO DATES, TWO MENUS! Sign up for one or for both.Summer Entertaining: A Perfect Menu 

With Chef Michele Molony10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • July 28th (Menu for Viva la Fiesta)
  • August 4th (Menu for Vegetarians in Paradise)
Stressed about what to serve friends and family when they visit?  Wish you could master a one-of-a-kind menu with a Cordon Bleu-trained chef by your side?  Delight in a hand-selected menu that will impress your guests. Follow step-by-step instructions and practice making each item to ensure a fool-proof experience. Any apprehensions about what to buy and how to prepare and present the dishes will melt away. Enjoy a different menu each week.  Class Cost $31, Materials $15
These popular classes fill fast! Register today!

Got a Minute? Meet Our Teachers
Meet CLL teacher and professional Chef Suzanne Landry Lemagie. Enjoy our CLL Video.
video thumbnail photo CLL Teacher Suzanne Landry Lemagie

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Wishing you a fun-filled 4th of July holiday!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Explore your creative side, this Summer at the CLL

Calling all artists and artisans! This summer, create lasting treasures while expanding your creative skills, with these unique upcoming Saturday classes.

Come learn from our expert, professional teachers and create side by side with a an encouraging community of other do-it-yourselfers, aspiring and professional artisans. 

These Saturday classes fill fast, so be sure to register early!

Stone CarvingSaturday Stone Carving, Beginners to Intermediate
with Rebecca Davis
6 Saturdays, beginning July 11th

9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Enjoy learning the fundamentals of stone carving, focusing on the basic techniques of carving and the development of ideas and forms. Beginners use hand tools to carve alabaster. Intermediate carvers will work in a full range of stone using hand and power tools. Start with an idea and finish with a beautiful stone carving. Class Cost: $108
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CLL jewelry student
Make Your Own Metal Bowl: Techniques in Vessel Raising
with Carl Stanley
Saturday, July 11th

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
'Vessel Raising' is the technique of raising a metal vessel from a flat sheet. Learn the steps involved in creating a basic bowl out of a flat copper sheet. Discover how to manipulate the tools used to form the bowl from sheet metal - a sandbag, hammers and some raising stakes. Class Cost: $75 Materials Cost: $55
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Carl Stanley videoMeet CLL Jewelry teacher Carl Stanley with the CLL’s video: “Meet Our Teacher: Carl Stanley”

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